Candle Care

Candles are persnickety so check out these safety tips before lighting up.

Trim wick to 5mm before every lighting
- First burn should be ~2 hours
- Never burn for more than 2 hours at a time
- Discontinue use when 2cm of wax remains

Don’t You Walk Away From Me
Never leave a candle unattended. Before walking away, make sure the wick is completely extinguished and the ember is no longer glowing - just like the spark in Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner’s relationship.

Secure the Area
Keep candles away from furniture, curtains, paper, flammable decorations, molotov cocktails, etc. Never burn a candle near anything that can catch fire. 

Keep Away From Kids and Pets
Make sure children and pets cannot reach burning or cooling candles. Do not place candles where they can be knocked over by kids, animals, or your drunk cousin-in-law. You know the one. 

I Feel a Draft
Avoid drafts, vents, or air currents. Not that you care to know the “whys” but this helps prevent uneven burning, excessive dripping, and sooting. Candles are grandmas and they no like drafts.

Keep Your Hands Off Me
Do not touch or move a candle while lit or wax is melted. Candles only like to be touched when they are completely cool and nothing is sexier than consent.

Only Nightlights are Nightlights
Fun fact: Thomas Edison made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the carbonised paper filament light bulb. But seriously, don’t use a candle as a nightlight or while you might fall asleep.