Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wax do you use?
We use 100% plant-based soy, coconut, and olive wax that’s ethically produced and biodegradable. Our waxes are vegan, non-GMO when possible, and never tested on animals.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We are located in the Netherlands but we can ship worldwide.
Do you accept returns?
All sales are final. Please review your information for accuracy before placing an order. We want you to love your items from One Trick and you can always contact us at if your order is not to your liking. 
Customs and Collaborations
Will you make me a custom candle?
We love creative projects! If you're interested in a bespoke candle hit us up at
Can I carry your products in my shop?
Yes! We're stocked in shops all over the world. Email us at and we'll go from there.
I am an artist. Could we collab on a project?
I’m an influencer can I have free stuff in exchange for a shout-out on my social media?
No. Well, maybe. It depends. Ugh, no. Actually, yeah. Actually, no.

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