Londinium Black Concrete Candle

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Introducing “Londinium Black”, a candle made for the sumptuousness that is London. Writer Samuel Johnson once wrote, “When someone is tired of London, they are tired of life”. The fragrance is inspired by gin-soaked evenings, making instant friends over small commonalities, and those perfect, fleeting moments.

This sexy candle celebrates love and connectivity with scents of vetiver, resin, and sandalwood. The artisan crafted concrete vessel may be repurposed for whatever you like.

40 Hour Burn Time
200g / 10.6oz

100% sustainable soy wax
Biodegradable, vegan friendly, and never tested on animals
Cotton lead-free wick

Safety Instructions
Trim wick to 5mm before every lighting
Allow melt pool to reach edges of vessel before extinguishing
Discontinue use when 1cm of wax remains

Fine Print
Ships in 2-3 business days
Each candle is handmade so slight variations can occur